Basic Hospital Information Management Application

Bhima is a free, open source accounting and hospital information management system (HIMS) tailored for rural hospitals in Africa. We are an international team based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Inventory and Stock Management

Inventory and stock management modules provide a robust stock management solution for hospitals. Below you’ll find an index to particular subsections that may be of interest.

  1. Overview

  2. Inventories

  3. Depots

  4. Suppliers

  5. Stock Settings

  6. Stock Accounting
    1. OHADA Accounting
    2. IFRS Accounting
  7. Stocks Movements
    1. Stocks Entries
    2. Stocks Exits
    3. Shipments
    4. Adjustments
    5. Average Monthly Consumption
  8. Inventory Reports
    1. Stocks
    2. Inventory Status
    3. Inventory Value
  9. Inventory Records
    1. Lots Registry
    2. Articles in Stock Registry
    3. Movement Log
  10. Asset Management

  11. Additional Tools
    1. Import Stock from a CSV File
    2. Assignment of Lots
    3. Lot Assignment History
  12. Glossary of Stock-Related Terms