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Bhima is a free, open source accounting and hospital information management system (HIMS) tailored for rural hospitals in Africa. We are an international team based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Stock Exit

Any movement of stock out of a depot is a stock “exit” in BHIMA. Stock exits can happen from any depot, including the stock and dispensing pharmacies.

NOTE: When the losses of stock cause the inventory of a stock item to be depleted, we call that “Out of Stock” or a “Stock Out”.

Stock exits to a patient, service, or to loss effectively removes stock items from the enterprise.

Now we will show how to do each type of stock exit:

Stock Exit to a Depot or Service

First, we need to open the stock “Exit” form:

menu > Stock > Stock Exit
⇒ Opens the form for exiting stock

Initial Stock Exit Form

First, make sure that depot sending/exiting the stock is selected (note the circled Depot in the “bread crumb” path at the top of the form). If it is not the correct depot, using the “Change Depot” link under the [Menu] on the top right of the form to select the correct depot and click [Submit]].

Note that there are areas on the page (to the right of the date field) indicating any stock that is out of stock or expired.

Exiting to a Depot or to a Service works very similarly. For exiting to a Depot, click on the large [DEPOT] button the top of the page. To exit to a Service, click on the large [SERVICE] button. After that, the forms works the same.

After clicking on the large [DEPOT] destination button on the top of the form, we will see a depot selection form:

Exit Select Depot Form

Select the desired depot or pharmacy. If you have a requisition, click on “Yes” for that item and then select the requisition.

Once the depot and requisition is selected, click on the [Submit] button to get the main exit to depot form:

Exit to Depot Form

The requisition used in this example had two stock items. However, one was out of stock (shown in the yellow block), so the main form only lists one item.

Stock Exit to a Patient

First, we need to open the stock “Exit” form:

menu > Stock > Stock Exit
⇒ Opens the form for exiting stock

After clicking on the large [Patient] button, you will be prompted to chose the patient to receive the stock.

Select Patient for Exit

When the patient selection form is complete, click on the blue [Submit] button. The Stock Exit form will be redisplayed with the name of the patient with blue highlighting.

Exit to Patient Form - Populated

Stock Exit by Loss

To record a stock exit due to loss, from the “Stock Exit” page, click on the big [Loss] button at the top of the form. Since there is no depot or service to involved, it is just a loss and the system gives you direct access to the exit voucher to be completed. Here is what the form Loss page looks like.

Exit to Loss Form

the Average Monthly Consumption (AMC). For more information, see the Average Monthly Consumption page and the Stock Settings Page.

  1. Stock exits to patients and services are consumptions and influence  2