Basic Hospital Information Management Application

Bhima is a free, open source accounting and hospital information management system (HIMS) tailored for rural hospitals in Africa. We are an international team based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



Average Monthly Consumption (AMC)

The average monthly consumption is a measure of the consumption of a drug or medication by patients or hospital services. Importantly, the AMC does not include the loss of drugs due to expiry, theft, or other losses. The AMC may be defined for the entire institution or by pharmacy in the institution. In French this is Consommation Mensuelle Moyenne (CMM).



A “depot” is a location where significant numbers of stock items are stored until they are needed. The size and function of a Depot can vary from a large storehouse for handling transfers of drugs to a pharmacy in a clinic for dispensing drugs to patients.



A “Lot” is a collection of identical stock items that are usually purchased and tracked together. For instance, a box of pills might be part of a lot of that type of medication. But “Lot” is also a more general term. For instance, a single piece of equipment may be purchased by itself but for stock tracking purposes, it would be considered to be in a lot of 1 stock item.



A location used to store and provide medications (and other related stock items) as needed by Patients, Services, or other Pharmacies.



Integration is a method of increasing or decreasing the quantity in stock of a particular stock lot. It’s used to perform adjustments to the stock in a depot/pharmacy after an inventory is performed and quantities need to be adjusted to match the real quantity in stock.



A service is a department in the hospital such as “pediatrics”, “ophthalmology”, “internal medicine”, “pharmacy”, and “administration”. Services can be assigned invoices, consume medications, contain staff, and have both profit and loss centers. They are useful for understanding where in the hospital financial activities are taking place.


“Stock” are any items used in the operation of a hospital or clinic. Examples include drugs for treating patients, medical equipment and supplies, and administrative supplies. “Stock” items are often purchased in “Lots” which include a number of the stock items. Note that “Lot Numbers” are sometimes given by manufacturers and are not necessarily unique to BHIMA.


When a physical inventory of stock reveals that the actual count of stock items in a depot or pharmacy differs from the count in the BHIMA software, then an “Stock Adjustment” should be performed to update the BHIMA software.


“Stock entries” occur when an item of stock is added to a Depot. Types of stock entries include:


“Stock exits” occur when an item is removed from a Depot. This includes exits due to: